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Postby Muckypups » Wed Oct 18, 2006 12:03 pm

It's a long time since I posted, things have been hectic around here.

:!: Anyway I have 2 weekend tickets for AT2 available in the 3RD ROW!!!! :!:

Sadly my husband and I can no longer attend due to redundancy and the lovely G4 have agreed to let me transfer the tickets if I can find someone that wants them. :(

Please pass the word around to anyone that might be interested in going, it's a fab weekend as you know. The tickets are £145 each (for the weekend). The money would be paid direct to Gabit, not me, so as to keep it official.

You can contact me directly at topdogs1@msn.com

Thanks and have a great time in November, it will be fab.

Claire xxx
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