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Another Newbie - Hi

Postby Ant » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:36 am

I saw the Cristal-Time post, so obviously you do not have a new members thread. I'm new here and it's likely this will be my first and last post, as I am completely out of place. Like Crystal-Time, I shall use this thread to say "hi," and complain because it's in my nature.

I rarely join forums but am pleased to see there are still some Sanctuary fans out there. I guess I registered here to express some thoughts on my frustration generally. I am supposed to keep it clean and not use obscene or insulting words but that is pretty much the way I feel about TV and Film studios, (and record companies too, okay basically just make that corporate big business as a whole).

As far as Sanctuary goes, it appears big bosses decided to get rid of the Ashley character, which resulted in a big decline in audiences, and inevitably an early demise for the show. Though I'm not the sort to live my life around a show, recording artist, or movie, I find that quite sad, as some of us fans were deprived of further series, and a chance to see the characters we loved develop. I wish I had the money to bring back Sanctuary, but I'm not that rich. I understand why the Beedie Group pulled the plug. Costs are amazingly high on these sort of shows and I've seen the figures for Game of Thrones. Jeez, I thought Sanctuary was costly, but if some idiot/idiots hadn't had a brainwave to kill off Ashley the show may still be alive.

My signature on the few forums where I'm a member is "I'm an opinionated old tosser and proud of it," which sums me up. Add miserable old git, and you probably have my character assessed pretty accurately. I know there are very likely all young people here, but I sort of despair at the lack of material for older ones (yes like myself).

I think that is why I liked Sanctuary. I got into it quite late. Any Sci Fi or Fantasy show is going to have crap scripts, and clichéd situations. There is very little new under the sun, but for me it was the spark of the ensemble cast that made it. I loved the Will and Magnus relationship. After killing off Ashley it started to get really good again, when three shows from the very end Will finally stood up to the Magnus character. It would have been nice to see that develop. I also couldn't get enough of Jonathon Young/Tesla.

Oh there should have been so much more, and although retired and don't have to work again, I don't have the sort of money to bring it back. If I did would I throw it away on something like that? Not all of it, but that sort of thing is in my nature having dealt in stocks and shares and played poker. Life is short, and I don't intend to sit around waiting to die.

I'm not on Twitter, and only registered for Facebook so I can access a few poker oriented sites, but gave my age as 103, as I don't like their invasion of privacy. I have registered for seven forums since I got online in 2004, five of them have been poker forums. One of the non poker ones is a forum for a fantasy baseball game which I help to run and moderate. I helped to moderate a poker forum which closed. The guy who ran it was American but didn't have very good spam prevention. I think before we shut down for good I must have been closing down around 20-100 accounts a day, all from Eastern Europe. I have been a member of a Sarah McLachlan fan forum for about 13 years. I love music generally but hate the business and the stars. On the other hand I do completely admire artists of all kinds because it is something I cannot do. I am good with numbers and thinking but brain dead on the creative side.

I have never been to a fan convention and never want to. I just wish to consume what I like, and am rather sad I cannot consume Sanctuary any more. Will, Magnus, Tesla, et al, do not exist, they are actors who speak other peoples' lines, most of whom couldn't care less about the show, they are just making a living. We all know this, but occasionally shows and characters somehow sort of get into your consciousness. In times of sadness or just a bad day they help you escape.
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