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Postby Becky_Preen » Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:39 am

Dear AT4 Attendee

We look forward to welcoming you to AT4 later this week, this is just a little update for you all to help you prepare.

Legends Memorabilia

Our great friends at Legends, Paul, Angie and Julie, will again be joining us in person for the weekend. As well as some old favourites, they have some great new products this time round, in all price ranges. We are also thrilled that they have secured some new images for us to buy to get signed during the autograph sessions, so do drop by their stand in the Somerset suite (reg) and have a browse.

Sanctuary Experience Tickets

There are still tickets available for the sanctuary Experience in Vancouver next summer. If anyone would like to purchase one, pick up a registration form from the reg desk, fill it out and take it to the Legends Memorabilia stand where you can make payment. They will give you a money receipt and keep the form. After AT4, GABIT will send you an e-mail confirming your ticket and giving you a reference number.

General Travel Advisory.

Remember to call your bank and credit card company to let them know you are travelling overseas and/or may be making some odd transactions. We have all been the victim of overzealous fraud prevention departments, so give them a ring and let them know in advance. Make sure you have the Customer services number with you.

Don’t forget to pack the charger and a *converter plug* for your electronics. The best place to get a converter if you don’t have one is at the airport in your HOME country. You need something that converts your plugs to UK.

Charity Payment Information

At AT4 we will be raising money for Amanda's new charity initiative Sanctuary For Kids and for the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.
For the items sold in aid of Sanctuary For Kids we will be taking cash (£ sterling). Credit card and debit card payments can also be made but only via a paypal account at the charity desk – winning bidders will be given an ‘appointment card’ to come to the charity desk to make their payment. If you intend bidding at the auction and want to pay in this way then it would be helpful if you could set up a paypal account in advance or you can do so using the business centre at the hotel.
As before, representatives from hearing dogs will be present and we can therefore take payment in cash (£), by sterling cheques or credit cards (except Diners Club and American Express)

Refreshments at the hotel

The hotel bar and restaurant will be open throughout the weekend serving food and drink. A wonderful buffet breakfast is served between 6am and 10am every day including the weekends and is included in the convention accommodation room rate.

If you don’t want a formal meal in the restaurant or a bar meal, there will also be packaged sandwiches fruit and snacks available from out special refreshment serving areas at lunch and other times.

Limited Edition, souvenir “bottomless” GABIT mugs will be available to purchase at these stations. A mug costs £18, but entitles the buyer to free unlimited refills of tea/coffee or soft drinks from the cash catering station across the weekend and you obviously get to keep the mug!

The opening times planned for these stations are:

*Saturday*:- tea/coffee/soft drinks and light snacks will be available from a cash catering station solely allocated to AT4 attendees in the renaissance lobby from
10 am to 5 pm. Sandwiches will be available over lunchtime.

*Sunday*:- tea/coffee/soft drinks and light snacks will be available from a cash catering station solely allocated to AT4 attendees in the renaissance lobby from
10 am to 6 pm. Sandwiches will be available over lunchtime.

“No Gifts” Gift Policy

Please remember there is a very strict _no gift_ policy at AT4. This is at Amanda’s specific request so please respect this. Therefore do not attempt to give _anything _to her_ - at any time._ The ONLY thing that may be handed to Amanda at the event is a personal letter or card. These should be sealed in an envelope with your name and seat number written on the outside, and handed to her at the Autograph session. Amanda will not open these during the session but take them away to read later. The definition of a letter does NOT include books, journals or other scrapbook type albums.

Photography, Videoing & Mobile Phones.

There is a strictly regulated no-video policy in effect at AT4. You may take stills photographs only for your personal and non-commercial use in the main hall. You are only permitted to use Flash for the first five minutes, after which we ask that you use non flash only. This is for Amanda’s comfort. The use of camera phones is not permitted unless you can demonstrate they are in a “flight” or non Transmitting mode. Please turn off any sounds on your camera as the constant beeping as they focus can be very annoying for your fellow attendees.

Mobile phones and other devices with transmitting functions must be switched OFF in the main hall or be turned onto Non-transmitting “flight” mode. The transmitting functions severely interfere with our sound equipment and can cause unpleasant feedback which has in the past ruined some of our recorded audio and video footage, not to mention deafening our tech crew! “Silent” mode is not acceptable as they still transmit signals so they must be switched off.

At various times we will make announcements, so please be in the hall on time and keep a look out on the notice boards which will be at registration. Also check out your event programme for full details and further information.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

Julia, Becky, Kay & John

The G4

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