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Camera Policy

Postby No1_sonuk » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:37 pm

Questions have been asked about our camera policy.
So here it is.

1) Strictly NO video recording of any kind. Anyone found recording and/or sharing video may be removed from the event and banned from future events run by GABIT.

2) ALL devices must be in "airplane" mode with ALL radio signals (Cell, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.) turned OFF while in the main hall.

3) When you hold a camera away from your face to take a picture it might obstruct the views of others behind you. Be considerate and keep your camera/phone close.

4) Tablets are not to be used as they create a bigger obstruction.

5) Flash photography is only allowed during the first 5 minutes of each on-stage session. After this, turn off the flash and try to keep disruption of others' view to a minimum.

6) Turn off any sounds your device makes - you can completely ruin your neighbours experience if your camera is constantly making beeping or shutter noises. If you don't know how to turn off sounds please ask one of the hall stewards or tech crew to help you BEFORE the talks.

7) Please keep to single photos, rather than a lot of successive or "burst" shooting as these can also be disruptive.
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