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Postby julia_teasy_hague » Sat May 06, 2017 8:56 am

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Welcome to the new home of the Official Amanda Tapping Fandom community. Please get settled in, make this your home and enjoy being a part of this vital, fun and compassionate group of fans.

Why the move? The forum on the official website was causing problems technically for the smooth running of the website itself.

I discussed with Amanda moving it off the website server and onto the GABIT forum because we could then keep her website running smoothly without any technical hitches due to the forum. She was in agreement.

GABIT has been the home of Amanda's fandom family since 2005 so for the past 12 years fans have been able to meet together at her own unique event. This forum, hosted here, provides a virtual extension of that for the very same fandom family.

I have asked Annette, who has graciously agreed, to run the forum for me as I have my hands full running the website and the events themselves.

Please respect her decisions with regard to anything you post. Be kind, considerate and do not engage in discussions about her family or private life. Intrusion into this area of her life is not something true fans do anyway but it's just a reminder. Fandom has no place in a person's life away from their public life and anyone stepping over the line drawn here will be banned.

There is a thread marked conventions. Feel free to discuss her appearances and post pictures from them but do take discussions about AT events to the appropriate thread on the main GABIT forum.

As always, information about Amanda and her public life is accurate on her website ONLY.

Have fun!

With love

Amanda's webmistress

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Re: Welcome

Postby stargategirl » Mon May 15, 2017 11:48 pm

Julia, thank you for doing this for Amanda. Putting everything Amanda under one roof saves time hunting on the internet.
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