Tips for newbies :)

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Tips for newbies :)

Postby moody-weasel » Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:49 am

Most of this has been written before and the usual suspects know all of it but I thought it might be helpful for the newbies.

How to get to the hotel:

If you are flying into Heathrow take the free bus from the airport: 105,111,140,285

When you leave the terminal look for the signs to the tube/bus station. From the walkway leaving T1 the tube is right and the bus station is to the left – you have to go upstairs and walk through the waiting area and then outside. Most of the buses go down Bath road and past the Renaissance. When in doubt, ask the bus driver.

The trip is only a few minutes and you can save several pounds by not taking the hotel hoppa.

Forgot something, need candy or soda?

There is a gas station opposite the Renaissance, it has a small shop where you can buy water, soda, sandwiches, candy etc. The gas station also has an ATM – not sure if or how much they charge though.

If you turn right into Nene Road at the gas station there is a small supermarket which also has a take out counter.

Tescos Express - also a supermarket (also has an ATM) is a good mile down Bath Road. Although it is a small one it is well stocked. You should find just about everything there.

The Renaissance has a small shop as well but the gas station is better stocked.


The hotel has an ATM but again, I am not sure if they charge extra or not and depending on how many people need it, it may be empty when you get there. The same goes for the one at the gas station.

The ATM at Tescos is probably your best bet as is the airport.

If you have time, just take the free bus back to the airport. There are ATMs everywhere. One of them is at arrivals, along with money exchange.

Hot food:

The 3 Magpies – a pub a short walk down Bath Road – the food is OK and you should find other Gabiteers there.

The Pheasant – look for it on Googlemaps, the walk is a bit longer than the one to the Magpies but the food is worth it.

If you walk down Bath Road and turn left into High Street Harrington – there is a tandoori place and the Flying Egg (not the best place if you are protein intolerant).

McD is a short walk along Bath Road – just in case you are looking for fast food.

The Renaissance has a Starbucks, as do some of the other hotels in the area.


Breakfast is included in the price of the room – make use of it! They have everything. If you have a food intolerance or special dietary requirements you may want to ask the staff first.


Bottled water can be bought at the gas station or the small shop in the hotel.

Gabit usually also has tap water and cups available at the entrance to the main hall. Make sure you grab a quick drink there before or after the panels.

The newbies meeting

Gabit does a newbie meeting on the Friday, usually early afternoon. Check back here or Twitter to find out when exactly it will happen. Not only do you get to meet other newbies but some of the staff and stewards will attend as well so this is a good place to start if you haven’t “met” anyone. Not sure how you cannot meet anyone when the lobby is full of us but I hear it has happened.

Staff and stewards

We are colour coded – the stewards and senior stewards wear blue t-shirts and there should always be a bunch of us around. We are much easier to grab than some of the staff (red shirts) or the G4 (purple shirts). The techies wear green shirts and are busy with tech stuff so it’s best to leave them alone.

This may be premature but I do assume there will be blue jell-o at the abnormals ball. Ames – the Bluejelloqueen – usually has some jell-o ready for you at the ball. For a small donation you can get a taste and once you’ve become addicted, you can also get packets.

Blue jell-o, you ask? It appears you may have missed Sam Carter’s favourite food (or so we like to think). It also appears you may not have watched Stargate yet. Welcome Sanctuary and Supernatural fans!
There is still time until October 21st so you may want to check out what Amanda did before you found out about her.

Seriously, do! Watch Sam Carter kick ass, become infected with a parasite, safe the world, blow up a sun, shoot the bad guys, pick locks, build reactors, repair her motorcycle, dodge yet another invitation to go fishing, kick replicator butts and safe the world again.

BTW, Amanda is the, uh, blond woman on the show. :P

When you get to the Renaissance on the Friday there is a good chance that 99 % of the people in the lobby will be Gabiteers . The obvious exception are the flight crew members.
Every one else – especially the groups huddled together - is a Gabiteer. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself. If you are too shy, come to the newbies meeting. :)
It may seem like everyone else knows someone but there are always lots of people who haven’t been to a Gabit event. You are not alone.
If you have any questions, ask one of the stewards in blue t-shirts.

Getting into London
While some peeps like to go shopping in London on the Friday, rest assured there will be no time for this on either the Saturday or the Sunday.
You can plan your journeys on the transport for London website:

If you click on the "travel options and accessability" you can modify your search . It lets you choose if you require step free access etc.

If you plan to spend some time in our around London you may want to get an Oyster card. It's a touch and pay card that you can top up. It's super easy to use, you put it in your wallet and just touch the Oyster symbol on the barriers when you get into a station and when you leave. The fare will deducted automatically.

If you have questions regarding the event or anything I haven’t covered feel free to ask.


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Re: Tips for newbies :)

Postby moody-weasel » Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:08 am

Did you know that Hearing Dogs collect stamps to auction them off and raise more funds?

Here's how you can help:

Collect used stamps from letters.
Do not remove the stamps from the letters, just cut them out of the envelope and leave a bit of envelope around them.
Bring to #AT9 and drop them off at the Hearing Dogs table. :)
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Re: Tips for newbies :)

Postby mocha » Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:41 pm

if i remember correctly, they prefer that when you cut them off, include the stamp that the postal machines put over the actual stamp.
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Re: Tips for newbies :)

Postby moody-weasel » Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:25 pm

Thank you mocha! While some stamps are just on the paper stamp, others are bigger and may include more info or anniversary dates etc. which makes the stamped stamp more valuable. :)
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Re: Tips for newbies :)

Postby moody-weasel » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:35 am

The schedule for AT9 has been released. You can find it on the Gawitevents website:

Here's the direct link:

The newbies meeting is scheduled for 1:00 pm on Friday. :)
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Re: Tips for newbies :)

Postby moody-weasel » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:48 pm

I'd like to update the info for the free bus:

Your stop is Nene Road. You get off after a roundabout. The stop is next to a gas station. The Renaissance is across the street.
You can also get off at the next stop which is near McDonalds (left side of the road, the Renaissance is on the right side).
Take the free bus. You do not have to pay, you get on and get off and don't have to have a ticket.
Don't waste your money on the hotel Hoppa.

The trip takes 6 minutes.

111 bus or 105 bus or 140 bus or 285 bus will take you there.
If you are unsure, check out the transport for London website and look at the map:

If you have trouble finding the bus stop at Heathrow: remember that it is on the street level and you have to walk through a waiting area.
Look for the signs to tube and busses. If you are underground and at the gates for the tube where the ticket machines are : turn around and you should see a sign for the bus. You will have to get up the stairs, walk through the waiting area and then outside where the bus stops are.

Hope this helps. :)
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